Designed and built in Seattle with the fabulous vintage instruments of the 30’s to the 50’s in mind, David Haxton is making some of the most playable, best-sounding guitars available today. These guitars incorporate all the best design & construction features of the vintage era while adding subtle refinements to improve the playability and sound.

Suprisingly affordable for Luthier-built guitars of this quality, stop by the How To Buy page to check out their availability and price.


what's new at Haxton Instruments

  • Greg Boyd Music is currently carrying my guitars, please check them out at
  • I currently have three guitars in late stage of production two HJ-45's and one HL-00 The former will be for sale the later is already purchased. 
  • Two new mp-3's by singer /songwriter Tom Kell that feature his HL-00 

    Audio MP3
      The Deep Hole

    Audio MP3
      The Mailbox

    To hear more of Tom's great music go to: 

  • Please check out the new article on the new Blog