About David

David Haxton has a long history of creating unique designs in wood and metal. His early years were spent in his Dad’s workshop making such diverse items as musical instruments and miniature surfboards.

During 1971 while attending college and working in a wooden boat yard he completed his first guitar which was completed without the benefit of tutelage or instructional books. While his interest was peaked, life intervened and it wasn't until 1994 that he got back to building his second guitar.

After completing College he spent time working as a jeweler, carpenter. shipwright and producer of hardwood gift items.

The last seven years David's day job has been repair guy at the Dusty Strings Music Shop in Seattle, where he has had the opportunity to see first hand the “ good, the bad, the ugly” of guitar design, construction and repair.

David's hobbies include the complete restoration of his beloved 1958 Morris Minor,  playing the banjo, movies and books.