Martin top building Part two

The new top is now glued up it has been band saw cut to the rough outline of the finished top and has been thickness sanded to .125 (or “1/8) at this point it is ready for the rosette, the rosettes purpose is to stabilize the rather delicate top at the sound hole, it also gives the maker a lot of design possibilities. In this case the Martin tops at first glance, seems very simple but looking closer you find that the distinctive look is achieved thru subtle variation of the white and black lines, mine while not perfect is a good facsimile.

With the rosette installed and the sound hole cut out the next step is to brace the top. Brace stock is prepared well in advance of need, and then kept in humidity control box until called for, all this is done to insure there are no big surprises when there glued in place. The braces are cut to length and shaped to 80% of their final configuration before gluing. The gluing process is done using hot hide glue and a vacuum press; this process allows atmospheric pressure to bring the parts together in a very uniform way.
After the braces are glued the excess glue is removed and final shaping and sanding can begin, in prelude to the assembly of the top to the back and sides.

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